Cardona's Village

Cardona's castle Cardona's village Cardona's Salt Mountain

Village of Cardona, located 50 minutes from Barcelona.  It’s a medieval village famous for its Castle and for its Salt Mountain, unique in the world.

The castle, a fortress that was never breached, was the seat of the powerful family of counts-dukes of Cardona, “Kings without a Crown” who were rich salt nobles related to Europe’s major families. Nowadays this Castle is also one of the most famous and unique parador in Spain.

The Salt Mountain is a unique natural phenomenon in the world and is still growing as the rain erodes it. Its height of 120 metres is just the tip of an enormous diapir with a depth of nearly two kilometres. For one hour, you will descend to a depth of 86 metres and enjoy the spectacle of the shapes and textures of the salt massif.

Because of the wealth from salt and Cardona’s strategic location as a crossroads, there developed a medieval town governed by merchants and carriers of goods who built the historic centre of Cardona, which now has cultural heritage of national interest status.