Colonia Güell and Gaudí’s Crypt

Gaudí's Crypt Colònia Güell

Discover Gaudí's best-kept treasure, The Crypt, located in Colonia Güell, the 19th-century textile village located 20 minuts from the city centre of Barcelona. Gaudí considered this Crypt as his lab, where he road-tested some of the innovative techniques he would later apply to the Sagrada Família. 

Gaudí was a man of many surprises, but perhaps his most hidden treasure is the Crypt, located inside the Colonia Güell. This unfinished architectural playground was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005

The Colonia Güell is an atypical industrial Colony, particular for its time. Gaudí and his friend the Count Güell practiced the main technical improvements of the era as well as very innovative social reforms. In the church of the Colonia, Gaudí unleashed his endless creativity and genius. Moreover, he developed the techniques and structures that would later lead to the construction of the Sagrada Familia, as Gaudi said, had the church been finished it would have been a “monumental model of the Sagrada Familia”

Gaudi was a scientist of architecture. For that reason, his work attitude and methodology are strict, honest, daring, and impeccable. As far as he was concerned, even if no one had done something before, that did not mean he couldn’t do it. Evidently, an artist who identified art with beauty and beauty with life will impose unto himself the strictest ethics. For that reason it isn’t strange that Le Corbusier, Miro, and Dali admired him.

The visit

The visit consists of a tour through the industrial Colony, the Crypt and the exhibition and it lasts approximately 2 hours.

The tour can be done either with a guide or with an audio guide, available in 10 languages: chinese, japanese, korean, spanish, catalan, english, french, italian, deutsh and russian.

It tour captivates tourists because of its charm and the tranquility this vestige of the Modernist era inspires through the palpable 19th century atmosphere kept alive between its streets and buildings. Currently, an important piece of historic and artistic heritage remains in the Colonia Güell.