Discover Royal Belum State Park

Discover Rotal Belum State Park, Perak, Malaysia. Explore this 130 million years rainforest while staying on a houseboat or 4 star green hotel, Belum Rainforest Resort. The journey will take you deep into the thick rainforest via our man-made lake, Lake Temenggor and discover the nature, the people and the wild. 1 hour by boat ride, you will meet the indigenous people found only in Royal Belum State Park, the Jahai. They are known as the best hunter in the rainforest, hunting the animals with their blowpipe and setting up traps. Learn their unique lifestyle and their way of living, cook in bamboo and learn to shoot the blowpipes.

Known as the last sanctuary of the Malayan Tiger, this thicj rainforest still host big mammals like Elephants and Bos Gaurus. Home to 500 species of birds and well known for 10 species of Hornbills (Royal Belum hosts the most species in Malaysia) which thousands can be seen flying above the skies from July-September.

Also know for its big stinky flower, Rafflesia, Royal Belum is home for 3 species of Rafflesia, Azlanii, Kerrii and Catnleyii. The tallest tree is the Tualang tree or scientific name is Exelsia Kompasia, home to honey bees and the Jahai collects them every year for the local markets.

Royal Belum is also famous to fresh water anglers, home to the wild snakehead, every year all anglers and caster will gather here to challenge themselve to catch the fish.

While you are dont forget to try bamboo rafting and dipping into one of the coldest waterfall in the country. Our fish santuary and animal salt licks are normally visited by tourist and its open 9 months throughtout the year while closed for conservation for 3 months.

Local guides are friendly and the food are superb, homeade locally.