Liceu Opera Barcelona

Liceu Opera Barcelona Liceu Opera Barcelona Liceu Opera Barcelona

The Liceu Opera Barcelona, locally known as Gran Teatre del Liceu or simply the Liceu, was founded on the Rambla in 1847. Its activity over 170 years has let it positively fulfill its role as an arts centre and to become a cultural and social benchmark of the city and the country.

The Liceu has become an international leader and a not-to-be missed destination for opera lovers around the world, thanks to running over 10 different productions per season with the most prestigious singers and the latest internationally applauded productions.


  • Don't miss its impressive architecture.
  • Enjoy a private tour arround the public spaces of the theatre as well as the Modernist private club.
  • Experience a night at the opera as if you were a 19th Century bourgeois.
  • Enjoy the best international singers.
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