Create your own digital showroom
Become the online hub of your industry.
It is easy, takes less than 5 min. and is free.
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✔ Create your own digital showroom

Bring your community together by connecting your community, followers and industry with relevant businesses of your choice. They can check out and discover new or known businesses and their products and service, and can in an easy way chat with them during LIVE EXPOs. It's like having an international personal shopper, the local shopping center and a purchasing department in the hand, as it can be used personally and in a business context.At FeedsFloor, you can create your own digital showroom, where you can show multiple businesses
and invite people to discover, chat with & follow the shown businesses.

✔ Make money

You can make money by charging an exhibitor fee. You can choose to charge exhibitors via FeedsFloor's global payment solution or you can do it outside the FeedsFloor platform using your own solutions. If you are not using FeedsFloor's payment solution, you have to be a Light, Gold or Diamond Member.

How much you can earn and setting the price depends on many things. How many followers do you have? How many comes to your event? How large is your community? Which industry or area are you known in? How known are you? What is the budget of the businesses you wish to exhibit? We say you can put the price anywhere from USD 50 per exhibitor for a one time short 2 months period digital exhibition and up to USD 100.000 per year to be showcased at the Kardashian Virtual Showroom - if there were such one;-). NB: prices are shown always shown ex. VAT, DK is shown incl. VAT.

If you choose the FeedsFloor Share Profit plan, it is free to create your digital EXPO / showroom, and exhibitors pay to be exhibited through FeedsFloor's global payment solution. You will with this plan receive 80% of total exhibitor fees, while FeedsFloor keeps 20% which also includes transaction costs via Paypal and Stripe.

You can also choose to charge exhibitors outside the FeedsFloor platform, using your own payment solutions. You can then still add exhibitors under the 'Manage EXPO' page. If you choose to add exhibitors in this way you have to be a Light, Gold or Diamond Member.

A final way is to buy the Light, Gold or Diamond Membership and still charge exhibitors through FeedsFloor's global payment solution. With this solution you are only subtracted a 5% transaction fee.

✔ Include it as a part of your existing package

You can include being shown in your showroom / EXPO as a part of your existing package to businesses. In this way you can bunddle an exhibitor profile at your showroom / EXPO with other services and products that you offer. In order to do so, you have to be a Light, Gold or Diamond Member.

✔ Be the hub

With a virtual showroom / digital EXPO you are seen as the hub, leader, key influencer of your industry, area and theme. You are the one connecting your community with relevant businesses. It is your brand that will be promoted by both visitors and exhibitors. Plus you can link your showroom / EXPO with all channels in an easy way.

If you are a blogger, celebrity, Instagrammer, Youtuber etc., you can use the virtual showroom to highlight and emphasize your personal brand.

If you are an industry association, you can use the digital EXPO to promote your member companies both internationally and locally.

If you are an magazine, you can use the digital showroom to promote all your normal advertisers in an aggregated and easy way.

If you are a physical exhibition, you finally have a platform to showcase your exhibitors and all their products on, that is not limited to the people only attanding your event, but also enable the whole world to discover and engage with your exhibiting companies.

If you are from a local community, you can showcase all your local shops and their products in an super easy way. You can even enable people to chat with the shops during quite periods.

If you are a non-profit organization, you can showcase all the businesses that supports you in your effort to solve the problems of the world.

If you are a social media community, you can finally add value by presenting relevant businesses to your community, while keeping you social media pages ad-free.

Well... The possibilities are endless.

✔ Keep your community ad-free

If you are a blogger, magazine, social media community etc., you know that you are trying to make money from ads and subscriptions. Instead think of yourself as the hub within you area or industry. Invite companies to exhibit for an annual fee and grow your commercial community via your digital EXPO / showroom on FeedsFloor. In this way you can earn more money than on click-per-ad advertisements and you keep you pages clean and nice to look at for the readers, followers and subscribers.

✔ Businesses get high quality customers

Only people truely interested in your brand, theme, area or industry will visit your EXPO / showroom. In this way it is not about how many visitors you get, it is about the quality of visitors. Furthermore, those who not only browse and check out exhibiting businesses and products, but also engage via chat with the businesses at your digital EXPO will be very close to a purchasing decision.

FeedsFloor is not an e-commerce platform, instead we call ourselves a conversational commerce platform, as you might yourself have great places for the customers to purchase your products and thus you can link to those in all your promotion and in your chat with the customer. But we believe that customers often have a final question before they take action and this helps the final sales whether that is on your own e-commerce platform, a physical shop or via other distribution channels.

✔ Easy, interactive and you can start now

You can claim your showroom / EXPO already now. It is free to sign up and create a profile and you can already now create your virtual EXPO for free (this will automatically be under the Share Profit plan). In this way you can showcase it to companies and your community already beginning today, and you can always upgrade it later to a Light, Gold or Diamond Membership.

The key difference between pricing plans is that with Light Membership you have to do everything yourself from creating your profile to the EXPO page, plus exhibitors need to create and update their own profiles. With the Gold and Diamond Membership, we help you with everything including creating exhibitor profiles (they have to opt-in).