Cultural Tourism

Culture is part of Catalonia's DNA.
From festivals to traditions, art and sculptures to buildings and museums, every walk in the region of Catalonia will bring you to a different cross point of its culture. 
Visit Catalonia in the onset of winter and be prepared to have a huge large barbeque of calçotadas - friends and family will invite you to surround a huge charcoal pit of grilled spring onions dunked into a delicious, smoky, roaster pepper sauce.
There is also some of Catalonia's culture that's all around the year like the tradition of Castellers - these 'human towers' as they are lovingly called in English has been a tradition since the 16th century. Huge competitions are held to see which groups of castells can build the highest tower! These activities are a hobby for children, grand parents and parents alike, and you can find them practising within a small town to a large city like Barcelona.
If you are into paintings, you can view the best collection of Romanesque mural paintings, enjoy a thorough look at the work of Salvador Dalí, and experience the artistic restlessness of great universal geniuses such as Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, and Antoni Tàpies.
Outside of museums, just by walking the streets, you will witness large, dreamy looking castles, wavy buildings mimicing a cliff built by Antoni Gaudí will take you by awe.  
2018 and 2019 were the Year of Cultural Tourism in Catalonia, we have a huge repository of cultural experiences throughout the territory for you. 

We invite you to discover and experience the cultural treasures hidden in every nook and cranny of Catalonia. Come and discover the cultural heritage, traditions, gastronomy, wines, and by doing so fall in love with our culture.
Find more about our cultural heritage here and museums here.