Enchanting Villages

Catalonia has the ability to surprise you in any corner. Our charming vllages are small villages of less than 2,500 inhabitants, or up to 1,500 in their historical centre, and look straight off a postcard or even a movie set.

Some famous TV shows like Game of Thrones, Westworld and movies like Perfume have been filmed in these village. 


(Girona in Westworld)

Besalú in WestWorld 


The draw to these villages simply lie in their visual appeal; the picturesque bridge over the river, cobblestone paths and narrow winding streets are a dream to photograph and wander in.

These villages are easily accessible by car or by high-speed train from Barcelona. Once there, we urge you to spend a night in a typical Catalan farmhouse, boutique hotel or remodeled 'parador' (castle) just a few kilometers away from Barcelona. 

When you stay a night, you will enjoy the tranquil life of living in a small village and experience popular festivals, weekly markets and artisan fairs that they organise.

Which village will you choose?