Seven reasons to play golf in Catalonia:

1. For the climate: Catalonia enjoys a mild climate and average annual temperatures of between 18º and 23ºC, which allows you to golf all year round.

2. For the courses: the majority of the Catalan golf courses are designed by renowned architects.

3. For the environment: Catalonia’s peculiar orography provides the golfers with varied landscapes; with courses on the sea, at the foot of the mountain, surrounded by forests and in the centre of the plains.

4. For the connections: thanks to its four international airports, Catalonia is very well connected with the main European capitals.

5. For the food: the Catalan cuisine is world renowned thanks to the collective strength of its restaurants and producers.


6. For its tourist options: Catalonia hosts a wide variety of artistic, festive and leisure events all throughout the year with a lot you won’t want to miss.

7. For the people: although you may only be in Catalonia as a tourist, the character and the friendly treatment of the Catalans will make you feel at home.