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Far Cry has suffered from an identity crisis for a while. Is it a hard-boiled story of survival, or a goofy physical playground featuring pet bears and flamethrowers? "A bit of both" has been the answer but that's not at all bad. Far Cry 6 - doesn't break this trend although the flamethrower isn't moving, the latest installment has managed to smoothen over a lot of the previous games, and is the series' most enjoyable in years. However, it misses a few steps, especially due to its new inventories system which creates new problems.

Far Cry 6 puts you again in a large open world, controlled by a charismatic madman. He is this time from the fictional island nation of Yara. It's still a fun task to make the red dots on your map change to blue. This can be done by either sneakily silencing enemies' guards or employing the more subtle method of firing shots and Molotovs at them until there's nothing left.

Yara was inspired by Cuba and is run by Anton Castillo, a fascistic dictator. Giancarlo Esposito, a well-known TV villain, has nailed this role. (With an apology to Mr. Mando). If it wasn't for his actual-world South American and Central American inspirations it might seem absurd at times. His unwavering devotion to his vision for an "perfect" Yara and Esposito’s natural gravitas as well as the calm, stoic glam the man projects to his loyal supporters are what make Esposito an incredibly formidable opponent to the chaos diaspora that is trying to unite to take down the regime of El Presidente.

Castillo's subordinates aren't always anything to write home about they range from "psychotic navy Admiral" to "psychotic air force Captain" to "psychotic propaganda director." They're all well-acted and even the more interesting inclusions of the North American pharma tycoon and Yara's very own neighborhood mad scientist are familiar characters from the Big Book of Video Game - Bad Guys particularly when compared to the Esposito character Castillo.

Every one of Esposito's scenes is captivating, particularly during the dialogue with his son, Diego. The father believes that noble goals justify the most grotesque ways. This creates powerful tension however it's one-sided. the impossible quiz - story closes with Castillo as the antagonist. It's unfortunate that the story doesn't provide an end to the numerous conflicts throughout. Esposito has a lot to be credited with the success of his character, however it's the cinematic animated group that is worthy of praise for transferring the details of his performance into digital models of characters.

FC6 is clearly striving to be more socially responsible than the previous films. However, it does try to tackle some social problems. The script could fail at some of these issues. It is still struggling to strike a find a balance between a real depiction of Latin American culture, and an esquisitive version designed for Western audiences. The world itself seems like an exquisite depiction of South and Central American life, but the script sometimes relies so heavily on certain colloquialisms that it feels like it borders on caricature. Or, play online - more egregiously, there's the cockfighting minigame that's basically Mortal Kombat with chickens. It's legal in Cuba. But, yesh.

Far Cry 4 and 5 have featured mostly the mercenaries, soldiers, pirates and other religious cultists. Far Cry 6 puts the bad guys up against a properly-organized, well-equipped army. The series is simpler because of its historical roots. However, it provides more exciting encounters and more variety. Enemy captains can summon reinforcements or airstrikes. medics are able to revive wounded comrades. Engineers can also install auto-turrets. They're an excellent addition to the usual lineup of "shotgun guy, molotov guy and heavy guy" that gives you interesting reasons to consider your targets above "who might see or shoot at me in the next."

Far Cry 6 is also the most powerful series in the sense of turning tanks or trucks as well as helicopters into fiery metal scrap. Although clearing a checkpoint is rewarding (this was how my experience ended) it's also special about driving down the highway and demolishing the entire group with mounted machine guns, while blasting Ricky Martin. With the huge arsenal that Far Cry 6 has to offer making it an even more appealing option.

Far Cry 6 was some of the most enjoyable shows I've seen in a decade. The cast is able to deliver strong performances across an enjoyable story, even if it's a predictable one that doesn't always land the bigger swings it tries to take. The creative weaponry of the team makes it possible to attack an outpost, runsack the convoy or take a ride with a buddy despite the shaky new inventory systems and some bizarre design decisions.