TINA - Travel ERP

TINA is one of the world's most advanced travel ERP systems and is favored by members of global TMCs. It’s designed to anticipate any business scenario and respond to any situation that might come up in a travel agency, regardless of size and market, being deployed in more than 30 markets. More than that, TINA can be easily customized to adapt to the specific fiscal regulations and cover different processes for TMCs:

TINA travel ERP can help companies to optimize business processes while reducing their spending. The automation provided will take over time-consuming, repetitive tasks which are often prone to errors.

Quality control rules ensure input data is accurate and mandatory fields are always filled in.

Corporate fare rules ensure the management of hundreds and thousands of different rates and rules a TMC (travel management company) can deploy for its corporate customers to achieve competitiveness and flexibility in serving their needs. As these rules are defined by a contract it is mandatory to be correctly enforced.

Using TINA, the corporate customer gets automatically access to the price and the rules from his contract.

Automatic invoicing allows all reservations made in various GDSs (Global Distribution Systems) and other systems to be processed and a cumulated invoice to be issued following the rules agreed with the customer, without human intervention.

Automatic balancing will ensure all the transactions made by end-customers and agency suppliers are matched and it creates the basis for the agency to get accurate reports and understand its business.

  • Automatic reports will create rules for customized reports to be issued and sent to the customer.