Getting Started
Discover, follow, chat & buy from local & international
businesses at digital showrooms.

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✔ Menu & Navigation

It is free to sign up for a personal & business account. When you have logged in, you can manage everything from the top menu bar.

NB: Only business accounts can create content.

✔ Discover, follow & message businesses

It is free to sign up for a personal & business account. When you have logged in to FeedsFloor, you have free access to local & international showrooms/expos within various industries and themes.

Choose a showroom and DISCOVER relevant businesses and their products & services, you can MESSAGE the businesses to get further information or BUY their products from the links they provide.

You can also FOLLOW the businesses. In this way you are updated on news and new products/services published by the businesses. Your can find updates from the businesses you follow under MYFLOOR.

✔ Promote your business

It is free to create a business profile at FeedsFloor.

In order for potential customers to find you, you have to be shown in a digital showroom/expo. It is the host/creator of the showroom/expo, who decides if it is free or cost a fee to be promoted in the showroom.

In order to show your business and products & services in a specific showroom/expo, simply click on the EXHIBIT button and once the host/creator of the showroom has accepted you, your business profile and products & services are automatically swooped on to the showroom page.

If you did not find a relevant showroom to be shown in, you can create one yourself and invite other companies to join, or you can contact your local business network, trade council, chamber of commerce, Facebook Group etc. and ask them to create a showroom.

✔ Create your own digital showroom/expo

At FeedsFloor, you can create your own digital showroom, where you can show multiple businesses and their products & services and invite people to connect with the shown businesses. You can make money by charging a fee or you can make it for free as a part of your existing services.

Read more here about the benefits of creating your own digital showroom.