3-in-1 Luggage Strap

A TSA Lock Secured Luggage Strap with a built-in scale enables you to weigh your luggage and avoids an excess baggage charge. A gorgeous green colour strap will help you distinguish your luggage easily at airports.

Portable Luggage Scale Function

This Luggage Strap built with Luggage Scale Function (max to 40kg). It helps to fix the overweight problem of your luggage. Meanwhile, it is Lightweight and compact, and you can carry it everywhere without overweight bags.


TSA Security Lock

Combined with a state of the art TSA approved lock, you’ll receive the ultimate luxury of ease and security.

Easy Identification

Bright colours make it easy for you to differentiate your luggage easily. Let you have a smooth and pleasant trip.

Adjustable Elastic Length

With adjustable elastic length, it is suitable for 18’-32’ suitcase. Please note that the straps may be not workable if the bag is a very thick one.


Travel Worry-Free

It protects your luggage will not burst open during rough transportation and keeps belongings Safe.  

NOTE: Duties and Taxes are not included in the products and shipping prices. For this reason, you’ll look to the state level and see how much taxes you’ll pay when received the products.