A day in the Life of a Balinese Artist

Meet the pioneering artists of Bali face-to-face in the town of Ubud – the center of its flourishing arts movement.

While Bali is an island of stunning natural beauty, its soul and character are defined by its people and its rich, colorful culture. The island has long been a magnet for the arts, with the town of Ubud at the epicentre of this flourishing artist movement. On this inspiring tour you will discover Bali through its artists and the unique art forms the island is renowned for. You’ll interact with local artisans in their homes and workshops – entering a world of craftsmanship that is normally hidden to outsiders. It’s a dream opportunity to meet and photograph interesting local people in their artistic element. The day will culminate in a delicious traditional meal with a local family in their beautiful Balinese home.