Pedicab Tour

Running on three wheels with a hooded cab, a pedicab is a tricycle designed to carry passengers as a means of transportation back in the good old days of Macao.

Combining the design of carriage and bicycle, the vehicle had been popular in the West and Southeast Asia for several decades. In 1948, pedicabs were introduced in Macao and soon outnumbered the pulled rickshaws to become the major mode of transport in town. Archives revealed that over seven hundred pedicabs ran across nearly a hundred local stations in the golden era of pedicab business. In 1952, the Macao Pedicab Drivers Union was founded and registered over a thousand drivers as members.

Today, pedicabs have become a special ride for tourists in Macao, a conveyance imbued with the aroma of life in bygone days. It is popular for tourists to hire a pedicab to tour the cultural city. Enjoy a lovely ride with a gentle breeze in the shades of old banyan trees along picturesque lakeshore, making a tranquil escape in Macao. Drivers would gladly help to take photos for passengers along the journey.