Colourful Side of Life

For snorkelling and diving enthusiasts, Maldives is undoubtedly an underwater paradise! 

Snorkelling is perhaps the easiest way to explore the Maldives’ vibrant underwater world. Most islands feature a ‘house reef’ close to their shore, where the shallow lagoon precipitously drops off into the deeper ocean waters. Islands with larger lagoons are also within short boating distance of striking reefs, populated by myriads of small and big sea creatures. 

Known internationally as one of the world’s best scuba diving destinations, the Maldives has an abundance of dive sites with one thrilling dive opportunity after another. The islands of Maldives have consistently warm waters with outstanding visibility throughout the year. There are a number of exhilarating dive sites such as vibrant thila(s), exciting channels, coral-filled overhangs, and fascinating wrecks.