Maldivian Side of Life

A holiday in the Maldives is more than a date with Mother Nature. With a settlement that is said to date back to at least 1500 BC, the Maldives has a rich culture and heritage. A visit to the Maldives is a chance to gain an insight into this unique culture, by exploring island lifestyle, sourcing local handicrafts, visiting heritage sites, tasting local cuisine and watching cultural performances.


Bodu Beru: dance song with African influences; starts with a slow beat and develops into a hyperactive, frenetic beat 

Dhandi Jehun: energetic synchronised live singing and dancing

Maafathi Neshun: festival dance for women 

Bandiyaa Jehun: synchronised female group dance characterised by the idiophone percussions created by striking metal pots 

Thaara: dance music with Arabic influences; 22 men seated in two lines facing each other, playing tambourines while singing live