Spiritual Side of Life

Spiritual Side of Life

Salute the sun. Meditate before the calming waves of the Indian Ocean. Indulge in soothing Ayurvedic rituals tailored to your needs or locally inspired therapies. Join in daily sunrise or sunset yoga classes. With resident wellness gurus, fitness boot camps, healthy menus, and many more world-class offerings, the Maldives offers the best in wellness holidays without compromise.


The Maldives does yoga and meditation a little differently. Guests can start or finish the day practising asanas on the beach or overlooking the ocean, and later with meditation on an isolated sandbank set in a picturesque lagoon. With the sun’s rays breaking through dawn to greet the day or slipping below the horizon at dusk, it creates the ultimate in a peaceful yoga journey. 


Spas in the Maldives go well beyond the conventional definition. Overwater, underwater and jungle spas as well as spas on its own private island are some of the options available in the Maldives. 

These spas offer a wide range of treatments, incorporating Reiki, Ayurveda, and sometimes traditional ‘Dhivehi Beys’ techniques. Complete spa packages are also available on offer, combining wellness, health, and beauty.