Thrilling Side of Life

Imagine a surf break against a pure blue sky and clear visibility under the water. That’s Maldives. Small islands scattered through a vast clean blue sea. Each island surrounded by white sand beaches and gardens of coral. There is no complete description of the boundless beauties of the Maldivian islands and its vibrant and multi-coloured waters. 

A variety of new high-tech toys like flyboards and underwater scooters allows adventurous souls fulfil their adrenaline fuelled fantasies while exploring the rich marine life of the Maldives in style. Revolutionary personal submarine excursions have also arrived in the Maldives, enabling visitors to have once-in-a-lifetime sub-aquatic explorations – all without getting wet! 

Maldives provides the perfect playing ground for all water sports enthusiasts. The absolute clarity of Maldivian waters makes it perfect for kayaking and canoeing in glass-bottom boats. The warm sea breeze is perfect for windsurfing and catamaran rides or a thrilling ride on a jet-ski. Resorts that have their own or nearby wave surfing points offer it, while liveaboards take to travellers to some of the toughest surf points located across the archipelago.