The Marianas - Rota

Rota will enchant all visitors with its wealth of natural and cultural beauty.  Rota (Luta) is the southernmost island of the The Marianas. It lies approximately 40 nautical miles north-northeast of Guam. Sinapalo is the largest and most populated village, followed by Songsong village.

Nicknamed “The Friendly Island,” Rota is known for its friendly nature, sweet potatoes, and coconut crabs. If not the local delicacies, Rota’s people will soon charm you with their smiles and warm hospitality. A sense of family will soon overtake you. Dip your toes in the Swimming Hole or book a round of golf. Wedding Cake Mountain and Tweksberry Beach are sights to behold, all accompanied by ceaseless songs of local birds.

A wide variety of diving sites feature wall dives, underwater wrecks, and coral formations. For those who want to spend time on land, you can visit the Bird Sanctuary and fascinating historic sites like the As Nieves Latte Stone Quarry, where latte stones seemingly come alive.  Rota possesses a unique character and charm that will win you over the moment you land. From the German style Chapel to the Chugai pictographs, Japanese Cannon to the NKK Sugar Mill, there are stories to tell and Rota wants you to hear them all.