Beautiful Islands & Beaches

Myeik Archipelago is situated on the southern Tanintharyi Region of Myanmar. There are above 800 spotted islands scattered across the blue sea along the Taninthayi coast. There can be accessed by air and by land from Yangon. There can observe many valuable pearl breeding and fishing beds along the coastal sea and islands.   

Ngapali Beach is located on the Rakhine Coast near Thandwe Township (Sandoway), one of the beautiful beaches in Myanmar. This unspoiled beach is about an hour flight from Yangon. By overland, it is 14 hour drive along the narrow winding road over the Rakhine Yoma (mountain range) after crossing the Ayeyarwaddy River at Pyay (Prome) 

Ngwe Saung Beach as famous as an untouched beach from the Ayeyarwaddy Region makes a perfect combination to unwind and relax after a long day of travelling. This beach offers so much more than just sightseeing.

Chaung Tha Beach is located 40 km to the west of Pathein in Ayeyarwaddy Division. It is about 5 hour drive from Yangon. It is attractive and wide with not only coconut palms but also casuarinas trees found at the bank of the beach. Two small islands can be seen offshore.