Brunch & Brew (FIT)

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Food culture is often the most prominent culture to experience in travel. In this leisurely and educational tour experience at My Liberica Roastery, tourists will be able to try out the taste of 100% Malaysia Liberica coffee through a beginner's coffee brewing workshop, served along with a meal of their choice between Asian-fusion pasta, rice, sandwich or local favorites like Nasi Lemak.

In this hands-on experience, tourists will enjoy learning the coffee brewing method called "pour over". It is a fun and versatile method that is popular among coffee enthusiasts as one could present very good coffee using various techniques and equipment variants. The guide/instructor will also be going through basic concepts in coffee to help participants understand the details in coffee. Such knowledge will be useful for lifelong coffee-appreciation matters.

Program Name: BRUNCH & BREW
Target Market: FIT
Duration: 2.5 hours
Availability: Daily between 11AM - 5PM. 

Number of participants required: Minimum 2 pax (or to pay for at least two pax, for solo travelers), maximum 10 pax

Family-friendly: Possible for children 7 years and above who are able to follow instructions 

Reservations: At least 1 day prior by phone, message, or e-mail. 

Fee: MYR 80.00 per pax. 

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