Mobile Banking

Access your account through mobile phone securely with our Mobile Banking platform. The mobile banking service is an excellent way to operate your accounts on the go with access to account information and real-time transaction capabilities at a true “anywhere, anytime, anyhow” convenience. You can always get information about the bank’s products and services directly in your smartphone as an additional advantage of mobile banking.

Take command of your bank account, discover faster yet the simplest way to banking with our mobile banking app.

Key Features:

  Enquire account information.

  Mini statement view.

  Fund transfer between accounts that are registered.

  Funds transfer to any customer’s account within the bank.

  Foreign Exchange Rate inquiry.

  Billy Payment of NTC Land Line / NTC GSM Post-Paid.

  NTC GSM/CDMA Pre-Paid recharge PIN purchase.

  Merchant Payments facilities with attractive discounts and cashback.