Langtang Valley Trek

Kyanjing Ri Top

Langtang valley framed by the spectacular snow clad peaks on backdrop of towering mountains marvels with the heavenly beauty compilation rich flora& fauna, eye catching glimpses of waterfalls tumbling from the top of the hill, fiery rivers with hard waves and splashing sounds perfectly matched with the adorable culture, tradition, religion of the highly respected Tamang community with their unwavering passion and respect for their culture and religion as well as the never dying demeanor.

The less trodden trail of the Langtang valley that could be easily accessed from the Kathmandu driving on windy and bumpy road of the mountainous roads where bus jumps frequently due to potholes on the roads takes on the amazing valley which is like natural Pandora box that tames the magical beauty of the alpine terrain, rustic villages, swinging bridges above the thunderous gorges, yak pasture waiting to unfurl for the adventurer, trekkers, nature lovers.

Apart from the natural beauty that ignites the ecstasy, zeal and energy for the nature lovers like natural elixir, Langtang valley trek with Kyanjing immerses the trekkers on the rich culture, religion ingrained to Tibetan Buddhism exploring the monasteries, stupas, chortens draped with fluttering prayer flags spreading the message of peace and harmony.