Nine 'Leisure Tours' itineraries consist of natural scenery, iconic alleys. photogenic spots and many more. Accompanied by professional guides, you will have in depth trravel experience of Macao.  Read more

Six ' Community based Tours' itineraries cosist of natural scenery, iconic alleys, world heritage sites and many more. Accompanied by professional guides, you will have in depth trravel experience of Macao.   Read more

We are pleased to report that in February we took part in a fruitful virtual roadshow for German-speaking countries. We presented a virtual national pavilion and had many interesting meetings with tour operators, companies, guides, and local media - which we hope will help boost travel to Azerbaijan in the post-pandemic period. Representatives of over 70 companies visited our pavilion during the 2 days, and we had about 30 one-on-one meetings where we gave information about the current ... Read more

Azerbaijan - Take Another Look

Five people. One Journey. Explore all that Azerbaijan has to offer and create your stories.

Celebrate Novruz - Azerbaijan's most loved festival

The most cheerful and long-awaited holiday of Azerbaijan – Novruz Bayram beckons, welcoming the spring season. Say goodbye to the old year, prepare for the physical and spiritual renewal that spring brings. Beginning with a week-long celebration starting on March 20th, Novruz Bayram marks the start of the traditional new year. Traditionally, Novruz is celebrated in Baku - where the annual festival is set up near the Gosha Gala Gates of Icherisheher (Old City) and the Boulevard for several days. Festivities include magician and rope walker performances, souvenirs and products of national craftsmanship, decorative arts, mugham, and classical and jazz music concerts. You can also indulge in traditional cooking activities, experimenting with local delicacies such as shekerbura and pakhlava; as well as savour delicious Azerbaijani kebabs and plov. Festivities take place across the entire country including Sheki, Shamakhi, Nakhchivan, Guba, and Ganja.

Experience the snowy mountains of Shahdag

For those looking to escape the city centre, Shahdag, located in Gusar, Azerbaijan is the perfect winter escape. Azerbaijan’s winters are magical, transforming the Caucasus Mountain range into a winter paradise. Ski enthusiasts will find breathtakingly beautiful untouched settings, sure to leave any visitor spellbound. Whether you're a beginner or experienced skier, brave the slopes and enjoy the stretches of perfect piste at Shahdag Mountain Resort in Gusar in Azerbaijan:

Azerbaijan: a world-class golf destination

Azerbaijan recently joined the International Association of Golf Tour Operators (IAGTO), cementing its position as an outstanding golf destination. Explore the luxurious 170-acre Dreamland Golf Club located 40 minutes away from the city center of Baku, and the National Golf Club which is set amongst the lush green forests around Guba Palace Hotel.

Experience Azerbaijan Later

The world has slowed down, but hope, love, and laughter will continue. Take another look​ at the things that matter most now as the gems, discoveries, and stories of Azerbaijan are not going anywhere. When the time is right to explore, we'll be right here waiting for you.

I have a dream...

Every corner of Azerbaijan has its own beauty. Every inch of our homeland is dear to us. How happy are they who get to see and touch this beauty! The dream of such happiness has become a reality. That great day is near when we will be able to travel around the whole of Azerbaijan.

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ONE COMMUNITY – ONE ... Read more

Did you know that preparations for the Novruz holiday have already begun? Before him, we celebrate four Tuesdays, and each dedicated to one of the elements has its own rituals.

The first Su chershenbesi (Tuesday of Water), when syamyani (sprouted wheat) are planted, the symbol of Novruz. In the old days, girls wondered on the water, and the family went to the hamam (bathhouse) because bathing in the hamam renews both body and soul.

There are many old baths in the capital, ... Read more

Surrounded by the picturesque mountains of the Lesser Caucasus, Shusha is known for its amazing purity of air and water. It is especially good to visit here in summer when the temperature is around 20 degrees Celsius. The highest peak in this region is Boyuk Kirs Mountain, which reaches a height of 2,725 meters. Read more

Looking for a tranquil retreat after a pandemic? What if you rent a cottage by a lake in the countryside of Azerbaijan to wake up with a mesmerizing view of the Caucasus Mountains? And you will have a wonderful time alone with nature. Read more

Did you know that the cult of fire is deeply rooted in the culture of Azerbaijan? Since time immemorial, our ancestors have honored and worshiped the mysterious fire beating out of the ground. Even today it fascinates those who come here, as you will see if you visit the Ateshgah Temple of Fire Worshipers. Read more

In Karabakh, as elsewhere in Azerbaijan, there are many monuments of Caucasian Albania. Among them, the Khudaveng monastery complex in the Kelbajar region on the left bank of the Tartar River stands out. This is one of the most beautiful monuments of ancient Albania. Erected in the 9th-13th centuries by the wife of the Albanian prince Vakhtang, the complex consists of the Arzu Khatun Church, the Hasan Church, the basilica, two chapels, and ancillary premises. In the 15th century, the ... Read more

I hasten to share the good news! Last month, the miniature art of Azerbaijan, as well as Turkey, Uzbekistan, and Iran was included in the UNESCO list of the intangible cultural heritage of mankind. This exquisite form of painting originated in the Middle Ages as illustrations for texts in books and then developed into many other forms, such as interior decoration. Azerbaijani miniature occupies a very special place in the treasury of world culture. It developed rapidly already in the 13-14th ... Read more

If you taste the Azerbaijani pomegranate (“nar” in Azerbaijani), you will understand why it is called the “king of fruits”. Here it is not only eaten as a fruit but also added to many dishes. Pomegranate is very beneficial for health, including for the work of the heart and strengthening the immune system (now it is more relevant than ever).
Every November in Goychay, which is 217 km from Baku and is famous for the sweetest pomegranates, a pomegranate festival is held - this holiday is ... Read more

The mountains of Nakhchivan, like the entire nature of the region, are famous not only for their bewitching beauty. Ancient and majestic, they are shrouded in mysterious legends, and some even have healing properties! Later, I will definitely introduce you to the mountains of Nakhchivan, each of which has its own amazing history.
You can get to this unusually beautiful land by plane from Baku. Flights are daily and you will save a lot of money if you book a round-trip ticket. Read more

We go to Jabrayil region in the south-west of the country, where the famous Khudaferin bridges are located. There are two of them: the first is the large Khudaferin bridge, built-in 1027. ruler Fazl ibn Muhammad. During the campaign to Azerbaijan by the Persian Shah Agha Mohammed Khan Gajar in 1795. part of the bridge was destroyed to prevent its invasion of Karabakh but then rebuilt. The bridge is 200 m long and has 15 brick spans. It is still in working order!
The second bridge - ... Read more