Od Chershenbesi has come - the Tuesday of Fire! There is a special attitude towards him in Azerbaijan. On this day, fires are kindled and jumped over them. According to legend, everything bad that was in the old year burns in the flame.
Do you know that Novruz traces its origins to fire-worship, the legacy of which can still be seen not far from Baku? This is the Ateshgah temple, built in the 17-18 centuries on the site of the ancient temple of the Zoroastrian fire-worshipers. And ... Read more

Congratulations to women on the 8th of March! Everyone knows that once this day was celebrated as the day of women's struggle for their rights, including to elect. But few people know that the women of Azerbaijan were the first to receive suffrage in the East, by the way, much earlier than women in many European countries.
It was back in 1919, and today the not always easy path of Azerbaijani women to equality is reminiscent of the “Liberated Azerbaijani Woman” monument near the Nizami ... Read more

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Today - Yel Chershenbesi; is a symbol of air and wind. The housewives do the cleaning, clean it up, and tie a red ribbon on the semeni.
A curious story is connected with the famous Baku winds and one of the air sports. Young Bakuvians, who were fond of skydiving, were delighted when, in 1936, on the capital boulevard for them, taking into account the wind rose, an original construction, similar to an oil rig, 75 meters high was built for them.
The parachute tower was very popular ... Read more

Novruz is on the doorstep! The last Tuesday (Akhyr chershenbesi) before him is also the Tuesday of the Earth (Torpag chershenbesi), when we honor the earth and nature for their generous gifts. According to tradition, children leave hats at other people's doors that need to be filled with treats, girls guess, put a tray with sweets, semeni and candles (khonchu) on the table and serve pilaf. About sweets later, and now we will go to a corner of the wild and preserved in the pristine beauty of ... Read more

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How You Can ... Read more

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In the year of the 880th anniversary of the birth of Nizami, we continue our journey to the places associated with the name of the great Azerbaijani poet, thinker, and humanist. And we go to the largest park in the city of Guba, named after him. Both townspeople and tourists like to come to this park with fountains and old trees, where the Nizami monument stands, to enjoy the fresh air, drink a cup of aromatic coffee in one of the cafes, and admire the bas-reliefs along the alleys depicting ... Read more

Are you ready to rise above the clouds? You can do this in the Guba region of Azerbaijan, in the ancient and original village of Budug, lost in the mountains of the Greater Caucasus at an altitude of 1760m. Its inhabitants are mainly engaged in animal husbandry, like their grandfathers, speak the unique Budukh language, and consider themselves descendants of one of the tribes of ancient Caucasian Albania.
You can come here at least in order to escape from the daily hustle and bustle ... Read more

Chovgan: Azerbaijan's ancient polo

Chovgan is an ancient equestrian game that is still played in Azerbaijan. A forerunner to polo, it involves 2 teams of 5 players in national dress riding Karabakh horses who compete to knock a small leather ball through the opposition’s 3-meter-wide goalposts. A national competition takes place in Azerbaijan each year with teams from different regions. The sport is inscribed on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

Did you know that the world-famous cellist Mstislav Rostropovich was born in Baku?
“I am a Baku citizen,” he often said. Mstislav Leopoldovich Rostropovich was born into the family of a cellist father and a pianist mother. The family came here at the invitation of the great Azerbaijani composer Uzeyir Hajibeyov. You can plunge into the world of music in which the little genius grew up in the house-museum on the street where the maestro was born. The street is named after the son and ... Read more

Today, the popular blogger Irada Gadirova (IG | irada_gadirova) talks about the top 3 places in Azerbaijan where you can have a great rest in the spring.
“Every corner in Azerbaijan is dear to me, but Gusar, Guba, and Gadabay are especially good in spring.
1. Having gone to Gusar, walk through the villages around Shahdag Mountain, get acquainted with the interesting life of their inhabitants, and admire the amazing waterfalls in the village of Laza.
2. You need to visit the ... Read more

Today is the birthday of the outstanding Azerbaijani architect Mikail Useinov, and this is a great occasion to tell about his magnificent works, which I admire since childhood. There are many buildings created according to his projects in the center of Baku, and I always slow down to admire the sculptures on the facade of the Museum of Literature. Nizami, graceful arches of the national library, the "House of Scientists" of the original form, or the cinema center "Nizami" with elements of ... Read more


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There is a lake of indescribable beauty in Azerbaijan, which for centuries has been a source of inspiration for artists, musicians, and poets - this is Goygol in a very picturesque corner of Azerbaijan. You can admire the lake, as our great poet Nizami did in the 12th century when you arrive at Goygol National Park, 30 km from the city of Goygol. The park is home to deer, gazelles, bears, mountain tours, wolves, and lynxes. A ticket to the park costs 2 manats. There is no public transport to ... Read more

For hikers, I highly recommend making a hike to the village of Sim - the pearl of the Astara region in the south of Azerbaijan. The path to it lies among the impressive landscapes past a very beautiful reservoir. The name "Sim" translates as "a village on a rock", and it really took refuge in the very heart of the mysterious Talysh mountains in the Hyrkan National Park, where untouched nature has been preserved: here you can see ancient rocks, thousand-year-old trees, and buildings of past ... Read more

Nizami Street in Baku is a "visiting card" of the capital, where times and cultures have mixed. Its name takes us back to the distant 12th century, in which our great poet Nizami lived, and she herself lives at a crazy modern pace.
The longest street in the city, over 3.5 km long, houses old buildings, modern hotels, business centers, theaters, and much more. And at the intersection with Behbutov Street on one patch are the Song Theater, which was once a synagogue, the National Library ... Read more

I told you about the healing oil, and today you will learn about healing salt! I guarantee an unforgettable experience of the salt therapy center 12 km from Nakhchivan, the capital of the eponymous exclave of Azerbaijan.
The underground tunnels of the Duzdag ("Salt Mountain") resort, a former salt mine, have been converted into a modern speleotherapy center. They say there are about 130 million tons of pure natural salt under the mountain, and it cures respiratory diseases. You will ... Read more

Our cuisine, saturated with the air of the Caucasus, the Caspian Sea, and different climatic zones, is a delightful mixture of flavors. We have something to surprise the strictest gourmets, be it aromatic spices or 40 types of pilaf. Moreover, each region has its own cuisine, and today I am introducing you to the unusual dishes of one region.
Sheki in northwestern Azerbaijan is proud not only of the Old City, included in the UNESCO heritage list but also of halva and okra sweets; they ... Read more

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