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We are an inbound tour operator specializing in nature and adventure tour programmes in Sabah. The company, in operations since 1996, is a subsidiary of the Sabah Foundation (Yayasan Sabah) Group of Companies.

Borneo Nature Tours has dedicated offices in Lahad Datu and Kota Kinabalu to support her operations in the East and West coasts of Sabah. In our efforts as Malaysian Borneo's Preferred Nature and Adventure Tour Operator, we are proud to have an inspiring team which aims to ... Read more

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I'm The Sky - Carbon EcoTrip

Our children deserve the same beautiful earth to explore. We have the power to give them that

#TravelCooler - Carbon EcoTrip

#TravelCooler is a new way of travel that cools the earth while making you look cooler! By minimizing the carbon emissions generated from your travel that contribute to the climate crisis, your traveling will be climate-friendly. The goal is to have climate positive travel where the amount of carbon emissions generated is not only zero, but also contributes to putting more carbon emissions into the earth than what we generated. So it positively impacts our mother earth's climate!