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“Macao Ready Go!” E-Platform is online now! The E-Platform, available in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English, not only collates the best offers for activities, gourmet, accommodation and transportation, but also includes promotional details from local hotels, as well as tourism and entertainment facilities in town. Read more


Boasting a range of unique activities, Sinar Eco Resort offers you an escape from an urban environment. Immerse yourself in nature and rediscover the great outdoors while relaxing in modern day luxury. Read more



The city, home to many of us unfortunately, doesn't provide much greenery or opportunity to interact with too many animals. Even though zoos exists, the animals there are always behind cages and glasses, making it almost no different from seeing animals from behind a screen. Here at Sinar Eco Resort, we find that one of the best ways to learn about nature and animals is through interacting with the animals directly. Guests are encouraged to play and feed our animals and as a result of this, our animals are more acclimated to meeting new people and friendly.

Enchanting Sabah Malaysian Borneo

Be captivated by one of the most biodiverse destination in the world, welcomed by the warm and friendly people, refreshed by the clear skies and pristine islands! Experience Enchanting Sabah!

With so much chaos going around in the world, we all need a small reminder that there is light or in this case, “the sunny side of life...” waiting at the end of the tunnel. 

Envision yourself surrounded by the beauty of The Maldives with virtual tours of the idyllic islands. These tours are a simple reminder of what awaits you; the dazzling sun, Instagram worthy emerald waters, the plethora of underwater wildlife, white sandy beaches - just to name a few. 

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The naturally self-isolated paradise, Maldives is home to various islands that dazzle with sugar-white sands and swaying palm-fringed coral lagoons that are fascinating unique destinations with the One Island, One Resort concept.

A prime holiday destination, Maldives is traditionally known for its high-end resorts that offer visitors a wide range of activities such as surfing, snorkeling, diving, swimming with the mantas, etc. that redefine adventure.

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Spiritual Side of Life
Romantic Side of Life

Bhutan with Terma Linca Journeys

A glimpse into the Bhutan's rich culture through video of a festival in the Kingdom (Paro Tshechu)

The Kingdom of Bhutan with Terma Linca Journeys

This video brought to you with the cooperation of Tourism Council of Bhutan shows visuals of why "a place is happiness!"


Sandakan, known as the Nature city, has some of the most vibrant wildlife areas found anywhere in Southeast Asia. Meet the iconic Orang Utan, see the world’s smallest elephant, watch the antics of the unique proboscis monkey, visit caves where delicacy fit for the Emperors of China is still gathered and be astonished by the birdlife of Malaysia’s greatest floodplain. Sandakan awaits you.

Borneo Wildlife

We raved about our wildlife, so now we'd like you to see it. Here's an amazing video by Sticky Rice featuring the wildlife in Sabah. You will be in awe!


#StaySafe #TravelLater, Sabah will be ready to welcome you soon and allow you to create more travel memories.

Enchanting Sabah

Be captivated by one of the most biodiverse destinations in the world, welcomed by the warm and friendly people, refreshed by the clear skies and pristine islands! Experience the enchantment through Enchanting Sabah!

Sabah Rural Tourism

Through the amazing diversity and variety of unique culture and nature, Sabah is a tourism hotspot that is sought after by travelers from all over the world. The rural tourism’s growth and potential has really made a difference in the tourism industry.