Semporna Island Tours

Island Hopping to Tun Sakaran Marine Park, Mabul, Kapalai, Sipadan, Mataking, Pom Pom

Borneo Monkey Tops Safari

A majestic rivercruise at Klias Wetlands National Park, exploring the rich wildlife within Mangrove Swamp Forests, meeting the famous "Borneo Playboy" Proboscis Monkey a.k. Dutch Monkey, and night safari for firefly and crocodile spotting.

Challenge to explore the adventure trip in Taman Eko-Rimba Bukit Batu Lebah Melaka

To everybody that love nature, recreation, advanture and cultural

Melaka Lost World : Cave Adventure (Bukit Batu Lebah)

Explore the hidden granite cave in Melaka

Community Based Ecotourism Bukit Batu Lebah

Explore the uniqueness of local community
Bukit Batu Lebah

JetSki Island Safari Tours

To Walk In Nature Is To Witness A Thousand Miracles

Not so long ago, Kilim was a laid back place where people’s activities are connected mainly to small scale fishing. Today, Kilim can be regarded as the most successful ecotourism destination in Langkawi where economic activities have vastly improved. The beauty of Kilim lies in its diverse natural geological, biological and cultural resources with high heritage value. These elements have been the pillars for the success of Kilim’s ecotourism. Among the remarkable features found here are the pristine mangrove and limestone forests, dramatic karstic landscapes and landform and colourful cultures. Kilim is also unique because it is the only place in Malaysia where one can find a coexistence of coastal karst and mangrove ecosystems. These unique landscapes provide new experience to tourists who flock this area to observe a wide spectrum of geological heritage diversity, such as various types of rock, beautiful caves, coastal and island karst morphologies, fossils, as well as rich mangrove fauna and flora.

Welcome to SuperfruitsValley

Welcome to the largest Superfruits farm in Malaysia.
Bhutan Custom or Readymade Programs with Terma Linca Journeys
Bhutan's Nature like other other - experience with Terma Linca Journeys
Bhutanese People - many ethnicities for a small country
Bhutan with unique Himalayan Culture


Introduce to beautiful Kelantan. Give a sneak-peek into Kelantan's attraction. Cosmopolitan city yet humble and lively.

Promotion Price For Mangrove Tour!

Lets explore the nature at the Kilim Karst Geoforest Park with promotion price! The Nature are calling and you must go!

Mangrove Tour Trip

  • Booking on our websites or call us one day before the tour.
  • Mininum :  1pax / boat
  • Maximum : 10pax / boat
  • Tour Time : 9.00am - 5.00pm
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Experience the Kampong Boy For a Day (Village boy)

Vast paddy field, canal, surrounded by fruit orchard, river and waterfall, this village is perfect for anyone who wants to experience the real Kampung Life (village lifestyle) In Malaysia. Try rubber tapping, bedak sejuk (rice face powder making), organic durian, paddy plantation, stingless honey bee farm, asam gelugor making, cottage industries, machete making and many more experience while enjoying the cool weather.

White Water Rafting Adventure in Gopeng, Perak

Looking for adventure activities for your teambuilding program? Gopeng, Perak offers variety of fun adrenalin rush activities to fulfill your cravings. Try white water rafting, caving (1.9km Tempurung Cave), waterfall absseiling, river tubing, hiking and jungle trekking, search for Rajah Brookes butterfly (the biggest butterfly n the world) and have fun aaround the campfire. We have glamping and resort for your overnites.

Discover 130 million years Rainforest, Royal Belum State Park

130 million years Royal Belum State Park is located in Perak, Malaysia.