Summer Activities in Azerbaijan

Summers in Azerbaijan are warm, sunny and a great time to visit! The country’s over 500 km of Caspian Sea coastline is dotted with beaches ideal for relaxing, sunbathing and swimming. From north to south there are peaceful places away from the crowds to restore your body and soul.  This is especially true around Baku on the Absheron Peninsula, which has many resorts and spas offering soothing escapes from the heat of the city.

However, summers can be enjoyed in the city, too. Especially, in the evening when the temperature drops there is no better time to stroll around the bustling city centre and along the beautiful Baku Boulevard. Here, you can enjoy sublime sunsets over the Caspian Sea then venture into the Old City to admire Baku’s stunning lights after dark from rooftop bars and restaurants.

If you’re looking for cooler spots then head north to the Caucasus Mountains. Go hiking between centuries-old rustic villages and stay in luxury resorts surrounded by glorious countryside. The small resort city of Gabala is an excellent summer destination. Here, you’ll find many such rustic resorts, as well as activities ranging from jeep tours and shooting to rafting and paragliding. History hunters can seek out the ruins of the ancient city in Chukhur Gabala village, or learn about the ancient Christian residents of Nij village.

Another summer hotspot is Sheki, whose old town area is a UNESCO Heritage Site. Situated at the foot of forest-covered slopes, the climate is cool and fresh and the city is steeped in culture and history. Visit the Sheki Fortress and the exquisite Sheki Khan’s Palace. Hike up into the mountains. Explore the city’s rich crafts heritage. And don’t miss trying some unique local sweets and dishes.

In the south, Lankaran is another unique place in summer. The region combines sea and mountains, is equipped with a great selection of hotels, and is home to 2 national parks. The local cuisine is also quite special with unique dishes like lavangi - chicken or fish stuffed with a walnut paste and cooked in a tandir oven.