2D1N - Sabah Tea Adventure

sunrise morning walk low rope course fun in the river tea factory tour


Blend of recreational and educational activities has given Sabah Tea the distinction of being selected winner of Malaysia’s 1st national award for ‘Best Tour Programme for Educational Tourism’.

+ Jungle adventure, to learn about the flora and fauna.

+ Fun in the river, swim in cool mountain water.

+ Team building games, fun rope activities.

+ Survival cooking, make fire and cook tapioca, sweet yams.

+ Obstacle training, low rope course & commando set.

+ Stay in a traditional longhouse fashioned in the Rungus (sub-tribe of Kadazan-Dusun) style to get a taste of the rustic charm. 

+ Morning walk, catch the sunrise - enjoy scenery with cool morning air.

+ Night walk, immerse in the night sound of Tea Plantation.

+ Tea factory tour, learn about tea processing.