FIGSOL IQ Boost + [Kids Fig Chewable]

  • Pure Fruit
  • No Artificial Flavors, No Artificial Sweeteners
  • Figs are known to be brain food and including figs in your diet can help with greater mental alertness.
  • Vitamin B,also strengthens memory and general brain functioning.
  • Regular consumption of figs will help in improving the immune system of a child. As children keep growing and they need their bones to be strong and healthy, rich calcium and phosphorus content of figs help in better bone development in children.
  • Figs Aid in Digestion. The digestive system of children is not fully developed and some kids have weak digestive system. Figs can be given to the children as figs help the children in absorption of nutrients from different foods and help in digestion. The dietary fibres present in figs absorb lots of water and it works as natural laxative. This makes the bowel movement of the kids smooth.
  • Figs for Liver Protection.Studies have shown that figs are helpful in protecting liver. Children are prone to liver related diseases especially hepatitis and jaundice. If such children are given figs in their daily diet, it will help the children in faster recovery.
  • Other Health Benefits of Figs for Children.Children are susceptible to infections caused by bacteria and virus. Figs help in fighting such kind of infections. The anti-bacterial property of figs helps in fighting oral bacteria. For teeth or gum problems, figs can be of great use. As figs are rich in almost all types of essential nutrients, it is very good in treating respiratory disorders. Figs are good source of iron. If one fig is consumed daily, it can meet 2% of iron requirement needed daily.