FRUTARA Freeze Dried Figs 30g

Frutara Freeze Dried Figs is an alternative snack for everyone to enjoy, made out of 100% figs  grown from our own farm in Chuping Perlis. The food you trust as we grow our fruits without any wax or pesticide!

Enjoy the convenience as it does not need to be refrigerated and it has a shelf life of two years!

  • Made in Malaysia (Grower Owned)
  •  Size: 30g
  • Halal, ISO and HACCP certified
  • Ingredients: Freeze Dried Figs 
  • Real fruits, no flavouring, no preservatives, no colouring , no sugar and no additives 

Our fruits are harvested daily to ensure freshness. We only use fruits grown on our farm to ensure product quality and traceability. If you would like to know where our fruits are grown, do visit us @superfruitsvalley on Facebook/Instagram. 

  • Light weight (Easier to transport & great for hiking and camping)
  • Easy to prepare (Just add water to reconstitute or great as a snack on its own)
  • Long shelf life
  • When fruits are freeze dried, only water is removed
  • All of the nutrients and flavour stay intact after the freeze drying process