During this worldwide pandemic, the South Pacific nation of Samoa would like to encourage travellers to stay safe, keep dreaming of their next holiday post covid-19 and add greener destinations to their bucket list. With environmental protection and sustainability expected to be increasingly popular post-COVID-19, Samoa is geared-up to showcase its protected, natural wonders, deep sense of community and the Fa’aa Samoa (the Samoan way). 

As a small island nation, featuring various ... Read more

In these challenging times, the Samoa Tourism Authority (STA) has expanded its digital toolkit by launching a brand new LinkedIn page in order to keep in touch with members of the travel media, publishing houses, freelance travel writers, influencers and bloggers. 

This new LinkedIn profile complements STA’s ever-growing online presence on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter – and includes facts and figures about the destination, valuable media contacts as well as some ... Read more

If you have ever watched rugby, the WWE or caught a glimpse of Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson, you may have noticed those captivating black patterns adorning their bodies. Some will call these tribal tattoos but they are in fact Polynesian tattoos and when it comes to Polynesian tattoo, the Samoan “tatau” is one of the most traditional and sought after.

Dating back more than 2,000 years, the “tatau” is deeply tied into Samoa’s roots and only performed by the village’s “tufuga ta tatau” ( ... Read more