Travel Agent Support (hereinafter referred to as "TAS"), officially published on July 8, 2020, is a travel products and service support platform targeted on worldwide travel companies who have strong brands but are looking for expanding business in more global destinations for their clients. These companies are often short of travel products, marketing materials, travel experts team and mature local supplier systems, etc.To solve all these pain points that most travel companies are facing, TAS is capable of providing the following items: Travel products in 60+ destinations worldwide, including 30+ "Belt and Road”countries; Stable and reliable supplier systems: 160+ local DMCs, 700+ hotels, 70+ airlines, etc; Plenty of copyright marketing materials at each destination, such as photos, videos, brochures, etc; Dedicated travel experts team providing one-on-one service support to help travel companies get more bookings and reservations for their clients; High-quality reception service and efficient 24/7 customer service to ensure every travel group a happy journey; All travel products, sales processes and ground services will be demonstrated with a certain brand name so as to help improve their brand awareness and influence. With the support of TAS platform, travel companies can effectively meet the needs of their clients for more travel products and services in different countries around the world, activate client resources, increase repurchase rate, and gain additional value-added profits.Let’s grow together!