Visitor experience development plans

A focus on creating memorable visitor experience is vital for any destination.  TEAM is a leader in planning the development of the visitor experience for destinations in North America and Europe. Working with an Australian partner company, we undertook a pioneering project in the Republic of Ireland, developing a methodology and template for Visitor Experience Development Plans (VEDPs), which we apply in local areas, working with communities and individual entrepreneurs.   demonstrate good practice in this vital aspect of tourism development. We have applied the methodology ourselves in four more VEDPs in 2017.

The plans provide a clear rationale and framework for all stakeholder to work together on a practical basis, to enhance the social, economic and cultural benefits of tourism to their area. Wherever possible, they are set within the context of the tourism strategy and brand of the broader destination in which the area is situated.

A range of other specialisms – for example in visitor attractions, cultural routes, heritage sites and visitor management, complements our work on experience development with such aspects often an important part of any review.

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