Factsheet: Changi Airport prepared to receive transit passengers

Changi Airport Transfer Holding Areas

Changi Airport Group (CAG) has set up new Transit Holding Areas (THA) in Terminals 1 and 3 as it prepares for the gradual resumption of transit passenger services through Changi Airport.

Upon arrival, passengers flying through Changi will be guided to the THA in their connecting terminal. Access to the THA will be for transit passengers and authorised airport staff only. Temperature taking will be conducted at the entrance and the THA will be put through deep cleaning and disinfection regularly.

Transit passengers waiting at the THA for their connecting flight can enjoy amenities including comfortable seating, snooze areas, light entertainment and a play area. They will be able to purchase light meals, snacks and drinks on-site. They can also make tax-free purchases with the help of a shopping concierge service and have their shopping delivered to them safely.


A new transit experience

  • Upon arrival at Changi Airport, transit passengers will be met by airport staff at the gate and guided to the THA of their connecting terminal.
  • The Terminal 1 THA is located at Gates C1 to C3, while a similar THA at Terminal 3 is located outside Gate A15.
  • Transit passengers will need to show travel documents for verification and contact tracing. Those with a high temperature or who appear or feel unwell will be referred for medical attention.
  • Transit passengers will be free to move around the THA while waiting for their departure flight, subject to safe distancing. Facilities in the THA include comfortable seats and rest areas, free wi-fi, internet stations, restrooms, nursing station, water coolers and vending machines.
  • Both THAs are wheelchair-friendly and accessible to persons with reduced mobility.
  • For those travelling with young children, there is an entertainment zone with game machines (at the T3 THA).
  • Passengers on long layovers can book a night’s stay at the transit hotel. All guest rooms undergo deep cleaning and disinfection. Airport staff can assist with the hotel booking and will guide passengers to the hotel. Once there, passengers will rest in their rooms where room service is available. When it is time for their connecting flight, airport staff will guide passengers to the boarding gate.
  • In the T3 THA, an enclosed space is provided for a premium waiting area for use by airlines’ premium passengers. Food and drinks will be served in this area. Subject to regulatory approval, eligible passengers may also use their airline’s lounge during their transit time at Changi.
  • Before their departure time, airport staff will guide transit passengers from the THA to the gate holdroom for their departing flight.


Ensuring a safe environment for passengers and airport workers

  • Transit passengers must wear a face mask and adhere to the safe distancing markers.
  • Airport staff working in the THAs must use a face mask, face shield and gloves. Each staff will have their temperature taken before entering the area. Briefings on safe practices and measures are conducted daily for the staff serving passengers at the THAs.
  • At the beginning of each shift, airport staff will go through a comprehensive checklist of measures to ensure compliance.
  • Since the onset of Covid-19, Changi Airport has stepped up precautionary measures across its terminals. This includes significantly increasing the number of hand sanitisers and the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting across the airport.
  • Many contactless hand sanitisers are available for use inside the THAs.
  • Restrooms inside the THAs are cleaned and disinfected frequently, and also equipped with automatic water taps activated by sensors. Passengers can enter and leave the restrooms without needing to push open a door.
  • Seats and chairs are vacuumed and wiped regularly with disinfectant. Frequently-touched surfaces such as charging stations, tables and playgrounds have been sprayed with a long-lasting anti-microbial disinfectant coating that reduces the risk of virus transmission.
  • Carpets are vacuumed daily by autonomous cleaning robots equipped with a HEPA filter that catches fine particles including dust and pollen while vacuuming. In addition, autonomous cleaning robots have been equipped with a misting machine that disinfects the carpets after cleaning.


Food and retail offerings in the THAs

  • There are vending machines in the THAs that sell drinks and hot food such as local, Indian and western meals.
  • As an added service, passengers can use an app for food delivery services, including halal options, from selected airport F&B outlets.
  • Passengers can also purchase snacks and food items from pushcarts set up in the THAs. These include delicacies such as chocolates, salted egg snacks and other local delights.
  • While waiting for their departure flight, transit passengers can make duty-free purchases using Changi Airport’s shopping concierge service. Products offered include those sold by Shilla Cosmetics and Perfumes and Gift by Changi Airport. An agent will be available to take orders via WhatsApp from passengers and arrange for the purchases to be safely delivered to the THA.
  • Alternatively, passengers with more than 12 hours before their departing flight can shop for duty and tax-free items at Changi Airport’s e-commerce website, iShopChangi, and have their purchases delivered to the THA.