Shizuoka Chagori 2020

The summer season is upon us here in Shizuoka, and we all are looking for innovative ways to cool down! In our quest to find a tasty alternative, we have started the "Chagori" project!  In Japanese, the word "cha" means tea and "kakigori" is shaved ice, so "Chagori" essentially is a combination of the two words to create a delicious treat that brings out the true flavors of Shizuoka prefecture.

For example, the picture above is from the cafe Matcha More in Shimada City. It uses organic matcha and tops it off with match espuma.  If you enjoy frozen treats and green tea, then Shizuoka in the summer is the perfect place for you!

If you want to see more treats like this within the region, join us at

*Currently, the website is only available in Japanese.