Travel Agent Support - A platform of travel products and service support

Travel Agent Support - A platform of travel products and service support

Travel Agent Support (TAS), is a platform that provides a full range of travel products and service support across 60+ destinations and specializes in offering travel solutions for travel agents to boost their business. 

Travel agents can purchase customized tour packages and receive one-stop comprehensive support for marketing, sales, and ground services. TAS will help travel agents significantly boost sales and ensure customers’ demands are met.

How You Can Benefit from TAS
TAS is able to effectively meet your customers' demands for products of different destinations, inspire your customers to seek opportunities to travel, acquire potential sales opportunities and create repeat business.

How can we support your business?
1.    Multi-Destination Products 
•    TAS provides travel products in 60+ destinations worldwide for you to choose.

2.    Stable and Reliable Supplier System
•    A stable and reliable supplier system that can fully satisfy your customers’ demands

3.    Rich and Diverse Marketing Materials 
•    Rich and diverse marketing materials including diversified itinerary designs;
•    High definition and copyrighted pictures of scenic spots
•    Rapidly generated tour itinerary
•    Webpage links or PDF documents of travel guide and tips.

4.    One on one Travel Expert’s Support
•    TAS provides one on one travel expert to answer questions that travel agents may have, to help travel agents to customize itineraries and provide tickets, hotels, tour guides, and transportation booking services.

5.    Efficient and High-quality Ground Service
•    Efficient and high-quality ground service including professional guide and chauffeur service, 24/7 customer service support, to ensure a happy experience from start to end. 

6.    Brand Protection and Promotion
•    Protect and promote your brand by displaying your logo throughout marketing, sales, and ground service.

7.    Easy-to-use Platform
•    Easy navigation menu on both desktop devices and mobile.

How to work with TAS
Create an account → View and select a tour → Make a booking / Customize a tour → Pay and confirm →
Customers start the tour → 24/7 customer service throughout the tour → Collect customer feedback

"Tourists always want to travel to different places, and as competent travel agents, we need to do our best to meet their needs. However, most of our counterparts may not be able to satisfy customers' demands. Therefore, we hope to assist travel agents in every aspect so that they can achieve greater success in serving their customers," - Michael Zhou, President of Tang Dynasty Tours and CEO of TAS

TAS aims to work together with travel agents worldwide, help them get more customers, and build their own brands while offering excellent travel services to more and more travelers. Let's grow together! 

Travel Agent Support (TAS) is developed by Tang Dynasty Tours Co. Ltd., a longstanding member of Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA), and World Tourism Alliance (WTA), an accredited agent of International Air Transport Association (IATA).  
Contact us now and we will support your business all the way.