Who Are We and Why Passion For 1%

Hi! We are My Liberica. We would like to invite you to come and discover Malaysia’s Liberica coffee!

Our “Specialty Coffee From Seed To Cup Grand Tour” was first launched in July 2019 and it had been receiving positive reviews. It is fun and also insightful -we believe it is the most complete coffee tour in the region. You may book the tour for your private group (eg. corporate retreat) with a minimum of 10 pax size. OR, you can simply join others in our monthly join-in public tour.

But first, let me tell you a little bit about us!

We are a Johor local company founded in 2011 by starting with a home-roast cafe at 73, Jalan Molek 3/10, Taman Redang, Johor Bahru (still there in all its classiness :P).

We have a very humble background simply as farmers and villagers of Bukit Batu (Kulai). Our family has had our coffee plantation for generations which we used to sell the cherries to traditional mills and traders like everyone else.

Back then in 2011, based on what our founder, Jason, has learned in Taiwan, we have a simple idea of making good coffee for the locals, and we were curious if the little-known local coffee species Liberica can taste good to international specialty coffee standards.

So we named ourselves My Liberica.

My - means my way, and also being Malaysian, the identity we carry with pride and love. With the name, our dedication grew, and our mission became clearer. There is only about 1% of world’s coffee production that is Liberica. So little is known about Liberica and misinformation exists as well.

Over the past 9 years, we have managed to discover and create great tastes from pure Liberica coffee. We really grew - opening more cafes, setting up our own processing mill, establishing impressions locally and overseas – amidst a steep learning curve. Our “Passion For 1%” motto and customer support continue to strengthen us through our difficulties.

The concept “from seed to cup” is equivalent to the movement of “farm to table” for food. Clarity, transparency, accountability are all keys to our production in which consumers can trace and know the processes easily. “Know your farmer”, they’d say.

Today, we are happy to see that our efforts, together with those who have supported us, have provided more exposure and market on Malaysia Liberica coffee. Beyond our expectations, the Departments of Agriculture both of state and national levels have visited us several times to understand our establishments, and even the Malaysian Agricultural Research & Development Institute researchers have recently engaged us to assist in their research. We are glad that the governance of agriculture is giving Liberica coffee a chance and vested interests.

Whether you are a Malaysian or a foreign tourist, we think you shouldn’t miss out on knowing deeper about this coffee species that have existed on our soils for about 150 years.

Our plantation is not open daily for visits and any entry to our plantation premises must be by prior appointment only.

So what’s in our Liberica coffee? Please join us in our Grand Tour and we will show you all about it.


Vivonne Soong
My Liberica Tours Manager